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Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

Step into the Entrepreneur elevator and ascend to the boardroom with four new business owners each week. Watch as they race against the clock to present 60-second business pitches to our group of judges in hopes of receiving investment offers. Who will reach the boardroom and strike a deal with our investors, and whose pitches will fall flat?

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch: Season 6

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  • Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

    Your favorite pitch show is back with new entrepreneurs pitching Entrepreneur's investors.

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    A visual extension of the hit podcast The Startup Story.

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Can Food Sensitivity Trigger Depression and Anxiety?

In this mini-masterclass, Ben Angel shares how getting to the root cause of these symptoms is vital.

Ben Angel

· 1 min read

Video: Father and Son Create Business Legacy Together

Family run extermination business exemplifies how to create generational wealth through entrepreneurship.?

Kanika Tolver

· 1 min read

Why an $18 Burger Could Actually End Up Costing You $199

Certified financial planner Jeff Rose explains how hidden costs can pile up if you're not careful.

Jeff Rose

· 1 min read

How This Online School Is Turning Small-Business Owners Into Public-Relation Pros

The founder of Press for Success shares her tips and tricks for small-business owners looking to manage their own public relations.

Jessica Abo

· 9 min read

Why Do Consumers Buy Certain Products and Services?

John Fieldly, CEO of Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CELH), talks about the journey that brands go through and how repositioning a brand can impact its growth.

David Meltzer

· 1 min read

7 Signs Your Gut Health Is Impacting Your Mental Health

In this mini-masterclass, Ben Angel shares how we respond to certain stimuli, whether that be food, stress or the microorganisms that make up our gut microbiome.

Ben Angel

· 1 min read

3 Ways to Drive More Sales In Your App

Getting someone to download your app is just the start. Now you need great marketing.

Jason Feifer

· 3 min read

What You Need to Understand Your Customer

The founder of a direct-to-consumer work boot retailer talks about defining costumer personas.

James McKinney

· 1 min read

How This Mission-Driven Change Agent Is Disrupting Healthcare

A doctor and entrepreneur shares how his team is changing eldercare.

Jessica Abo

· 5 min read

Saying the Joke You Cannot Say

Comedian and podcaster Andrew Schulz talks about his approach to comedy and why he's never afraid of being controversial.

David Meltzer

· 1 min read

What Is Nutritional Psychology, and How Can It Help You Excel?

In this mini-masterclass, Ben Angel shares how essential diet is to not just your mood, but your family's overall wellbeing.

Ben Angel

· 1 min read

How to Be a Breakthrough Virtual Speaker

Learn how to brand, market and sell yourself as a virtual speaker.

Kanika Tolver

· 1 min read

3 Simple Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales

Discover best practices for optimizing your website's user experience and SEO to grow your sales.

Jason Feifer

· 2 min read