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Facebook Reaches Agreement With News Corp in Australia

Facebook makes a deal to show content with News Corp, the most shared news brand in Australia.

Michelle Jones

· 3 min read

Unconventional Ways to Source Diverse Talent

Bring in top talent and add to the overall growth and diversity of your organization.

Clair Kim

· 4 min read

Facebook Files Motions to Dismiss State and FTC Antitrust Lawsuits

Facebook files a large motion to dismiss antitrust lawsuits filed by state and local governments. Facebook claims the lawsuits are not credible.

Michelle Jones

· 3 min read

New TikTok Tools Promote Kindness Online

Creators now have more control over comments.

Stephanie Mlot

· 3 min read

3 Ways Research Can Help You Create a User-Centric Business

A product marketing manager at Lightricks shares her advice on how entrepreneurs can be more successful with social media marketing.

Jessica Abo

· 5 min read

Elon Musk's Latest Twitter Question Is Baffling Social Media Users

The eccentric SpaceX founder left many people wondering aloud about "Carnot efficiency."

Justin Chan

· 3 min read

3 Female Entrepreneurs Tell Us How They Use Instagram to Sell

Features like Store, Ads, Stories, IGTV or Reels helped them to highlight their brand.

Entrepreneur en Espa?ol

· 5 min read

Jack Dorsey Explains Why Square Just Bought a Majority Stake in Tidal

The financial company founded by Twitter's CEO takes control of Jay-Z's music streaming service.

Matthew Humphries

· 3 min read

Amazon Redesigns App Logo Again After Comparisons to Hitler

After people on social media claimed that the Amason App logo resembled Hitler's mustache, the e-commerce giant quietly changed their app icon.

Michelle Jones

· 3 min read

Shea Serrano Sold His Latest Project Without Telling Anyone What It Was. But His 400K Twitter Followers Bought In, and He Thinks It's Hilarious.

In a bizarrely effective marketing campaign, the cult-favorite writer refused to disclose anything about the short story he was selling and gave away unrelated '90s action figures with changeable arms. His more-than-400,000 Twitter followers ran with the joke, and somehow it all makes perfect sense.

Matthew McCreary

· 7 min read

Where Do You Fall on the Philosophical Spectrum of Influence Marketing?

Influencer executions look an awful lot like advertising, public relations and everything in between. Knowing where your philosophy falls leads to smarter execution.

Jason Falls

· 6 min read