Kia Just Released Photos of Its First Electric Car - And They're Incredible

Days before its official presentation, Kia revealed the very first photos of its EV6 model.

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· 2 min read

Respected Economist Jeffrey Sachs Says Bitcoin Offers 'Nothing of Social Value'

At a recent conference, the Columbia University professor slammed the cryptocurrency, suggesting it was a counterfeit product.

Justin Chan

· 2 min read

7 Business Takeaways You Can Learn From Monopoly

These seven lessons draw parallels between casual game play and real world business strategies.

Rahkim Sabree

· 5 min read

Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Club Pilates

Club Pilates is breaking down the traditional barriers to Pilates by offering franchise opportunities to make the method accessible to more people, both financially and geographically.

Elon Musk Changes Tune, Turns Down $1 Million Offer for Catchy NFT Song

Tesla's 'Technoking' switched gears after putting up a tweet of a catchy song for sale on Monday.

Justin Chan

· 2 min read

U.S. Hispanic Consumers: A Demographic Revolution in the Corporate World

COVID-19 taught us the importance of proper planning, market research and, most importantly, having a deeper understanding of the consumers we serve.

Hernan Tagliani

· 5 min read

Chinese Government Reportedly Tells Alibaba to Sell Media Arm

Officials are concerned about the company's influence on public opinion in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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· 1 min read

These 6 Tax Tips Will Help Make Tax Season Easy for Your Business

Tax season causes many entrepreneurs and business owners unnecessary anxiety due to fear of the unknown.?But when you are prepared ahead of time and understand the process, tax season can be a breeze to flow through.

Melissa Houston

· 3 min read

These Values Help Family Businesses Survive and Thrive in Tough Times

Knowledge to be gained from those that don't face pressure from VC backers.

Carmine Bruno

· 5 min read

This Entrepreneur Dropped Out of Med School and Started a Business In His Garage. Here's How It's Going.

What are the key considerations for developing a social commerce brand the right way?

James McKinney

· 2 min read

The Lack of Diversity in Retail: How Being an African-American in the Retail Industry Gave Me an Competitive Edge

I stopped being distracted by being the minority and started using the unique perspective it gave me.

Nichole Simms

· 8 min read

The Jaw-Dropping Range of Cybercrimes is Due to the Gap in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Intensive training can eliminate the human risk factor within companies, and offer a lucrative career path in cybersecurity.

Farhana Rahman

· 6 min read