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What a Foldable iPhone Could Look Like

The phone isn't slated for the market until 2022.

'Young' Influencer Shocks Followers After Revealing His True Face

The influencer posed as an attractive motorcyclist and traveler, but he later revealed that he had used FaceApp to alter his images.

TikTok Star Sells Viral Video as NFT for $500,000

Nathan Apodaca, who gained fame after skating to a Fleetwood Mac song, has joined the NFT craze and is now auctioning off his famous video.

WhatsApp and Instagram Affected by Outage

The Facebook-owned apps are currently down.

Google to Invest $7 Billion, Creating Thousands of New Jobs in the U.S.

The technology company laid out its plan for an economic recovery that will hopefully follow the COVID-19 crisis.
World economy

Middle Class Shrank, Poverty Grew During Pandemic, Report Says

An estimated 54 million people left the middle class in the past year, while some 131 million fell into poverty, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.

Man Loses $560,000 in Bitcoin Scam From Fake Elon Musk Account

Sebastian told the BBC he saw a mysterious tweet from an account he thought belonged to the tech billionaire -?but he ended up falling into a trap.

Gucci Releases Virtual Tennis Shoes to Attract Gen Zers

The luxury brand is hoping to attract young customers with a pair of cheap, digital "shoes."

Luisito Comunica Launches Own Tequila - Except It's Not Tequila

The drink is a tequila liqueur with a spicy tamarind flavor.
Marketing Strategies

What the Color You Choose in Your Marketing Campaign Says to Customers

Read more about an efficient method that takes advantage of colors and uses them to attract more customers.
Marketing Strategies

8 Questions to Keep in Mind when Crafting a Briefing

If you want your marketing strategy to be effective, your briefing must answer these essential questions that can guide your campaign to success.
Electric Cars

Kia Just Released Photos of Its First Electric Car - And They're Incredible

Days before its official presentation, Kia revealed the very first photos of its EV6 model.

Chinese Government Reportedly Tells Alibaba to Sell Media Arm

Officials are concerned about the company's influence on public opinion in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Instagram to Prevent Adults From Messaging Teens Who Don't Follow Them

To stop teenagers from being bullied or targeted, Instagram will alert users upon detecting those with "potentially suspicious behavior."
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

500 Startups Kicks Off Program to Help New Companies in Latin America

The investment firm will work with startups in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and Chile and help launch their businesses.